The Owl – Electric Wax Melter


• FRAGRANT ELECTRIC WAX MELTER – The Airpure Owl Electric Wax Melter is made to work with Airpure Wax Melts to fill any room with a warm inviting aroma. Choose your favourite scent or create seasonal ambience with one of the rich and cosy fragrances.
• ELECTRIC WAX BURNER IN A CUTE DESIGN – Place this adorable owl wax melt warmer on the shelf, table or desk in your home or office to add a decorative touch as well as a lovely scent to your rooms.
• NO FLAME WAX MELTER – Add the subtle fragrance of wax melts in any living space without a flame. No need to keep watch over this wax melt holder, as electricity warms and gently melts the wax, allowing the scent to be released.
• HELPS MASK UNPLEASANT ODOURS – Put this handy wax melt holder in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom to help mask unpleasant odours while replacing it with a more pleasing scent.