Waxy wix – stress less smile more


This beautiful handmade soy wax candle comes in a 225ml tin and burn for approximately 30-40 hours. It has a crackling wooden wick, 100% essential oils, home dried herbs, amethyst and rose quartz crystals

Stress Less, Smile more –

A candle to aid relaxation. Infused with lavender, vanilla and orange blossom for calmness and silence. Marigold petals aid positivity and focus. Lavender and thistle flowers represent purity, tranquillity and aid sleep and amethyst and rose quartz crystals promote calming thoughts and help with self-worth.

Colour – pale blue
Essential oils – Lavender, orange blossom and vanilla
Herbs/flowers/spices – Lavender, thistle flower, marigold
Crystals – Amethyst, rose quartz


Hand made soy wax candles